Young Professional Fellowship Uzbekistan

Young Professional Fellowship Uzbekistan Program 2021

Mentor Amiable Professional Society (MAPS) an international society announced and Young Professional Fellowship Uzbekistan Program 2021 for the new generation /young people community from 16 years old to 35 years old. This is a great opportunity for young candidates from all over the world. They have to apply for the above-mentioned fully funded fellowship program 2021. This is another good step taken up by MAPS to support young society worldwide.

It is directed to all international candidates to send their application in fully funded Young Professional Fellowship Uzbekistan opportunity given by the Government of Uzbekistan for non-residential candidates whose age is ranging from 16 to 35 years old. The applications are warmly invited from the young community worldwide to avail of this fellowship fully-funded program of MAPS.

All the expenses related to the study and stay there will be afforded by the funded authority of Uzbekistan under YPFUP (Young Professional Fellowship Uzbekistan Program 2021) initiation for young scientists of the world. MAPS young fully funded new fellowship program is an important turning point in the deserving as well as brilliant candidates of the world.  This is a great initiation for a short study tour of Uzbekistan University. There is a welcome call for all international candidates to have a short study tour under the YPFU program under the supervision of Mentor Amiable Professional Society Uzbekistan. There is some feature to attract the brilliant candidates worldwide such as given below

  • There is no need to IELTS proficiency test
  • There is no need for a TOEFL proficiency test
  • There is no need for a GRE proficiency test
  • There is no need for a GMAT proficiency test
  • There is no need for SAT proficiency test

So, what are you waiting for? Just come to read the article to know salient features of the Young Professional Fully Funded Fellowship Uzbekistan Program 2021 to make your future brilliant and shine.

Contents of Article:

Description of MAPS Young Fellowships 2021

The complete description of young MAPS fully funded fellowship program 2021 is given below for your assistance

  • Host organization: Youth Organization (MAPS)
  • Host country: Uzbekistan
  • Degree: The candidates with all fields can apply for this fellowship program
  • Levels/Fields available: Multiple fields are available for this program
  • Financial status: It is a fully-funded fellowship initiative
  • Total duration: Short (Not well defined/It is short study tour)
  • Mode of application: Online mode of sending application
  • Last date: 28th May 2021 will be the deadline to apply online

MAPS Youth Organization

The international youth leading renewable society of Mentor Amiable Professional Society is a great platform that provides short study tour to international candidates. This society is providing many opportunities to students to make their lives a successful as they want. The candidate, who wants to enjoy short study tours in Uzbekistan, can apply for this fellowship fully funded program 2021 which is under the supervision of Uzbekistan.

This organization is working for international students under the designed goals of the United Nations. The basic aim is to develop a positive response in the young community worldwide. It works for different programs by stimulating, advocating, and mobilizing youth by raising voice for

  • Women empowerment
  • Inculcation
  • Youth potentiating strategy
  • Tranquility
  • Climate change

Eligibility for Young Fully Funded Fellowship Program

The selection criteria for MAPS Young fellowship short study tour program 2021 by the Govt of Uzbekistan is given below

  • All countries are eligible
  • All international candidates are eligible
  • The lower level of the age of the candidate must be 15-16 years old
  • The upper level of age is 35 years old
  • The candidate must be engaged with educational activities
  • The candidate must be engaged with social activities
  • The candidate must be engaged with cultural activities
  • The candidate can send an application without a passport
  • The candidates must have a passport on the declaration of results
  • There is no need to IELTS proficiency test
  • There is no need for a TOEFL proficiency test
  • There is no need for a GRE proficiency test
  • There is no need for a GMAT proficiency test
  • There is no need for SAT proficiency test
  • No degree restriction
  • No degree completion is necessary
  • All faculty programs can apply online

Topics of MAPS Fellowship program

The newly introduced topic for MAPS fellowship Uzbekistan will be

  • Coronavirus and vaccine demands
  • Virtue
  • Tranquility
  • Civil rights
  • The development of science and technology
  • Anti-Patriarchal Model
  • Entrepreneurship
  • UNSDG-07 affordable & Clean Energy program

What MAPS/YPFUP Covers?

The awarded benefits under Uzbekistan Fully Funded Fellowship MAPS 2021 program are as follow

  • Airfare facility only for economics classes
  • Total free accommodation during the stay in Uzbekistan
  • Certificates will be awarded on participation
  • Food expenses duration short study tour in
  • MAPS Kit
  • Awards
  • Celebration party
  • Cultural evening party
  • The tour of Uzbekistan
  • Conference registration fee

Last date of Uzbekistan Fellowship Program

The closing date for Uzbekistan Fellowship fully funded program 2021 will be 28th May 2021. Interview dates will be the 4th and 5th of June 2021. The declaration of results will be on 10th June 2021. The intake call will be on 1st July 2021. So, make your plan accordingly.

How to apply for UFP/MAPS 2021?

The candidates can send their applications by online mode of application. There is a fee of 30 dollars for submission of application to get Fellowship fully funded MAPS initiative 2021. You have to you the link below to apply online

Apply Online             Website Link

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