Vivo V21e Release Date Specifications & Price in Pakistan

Vivo V21e launches & Price in Pakistan with Auto Focus Selfie 44MP & Night Camera 64MP

The authorized company of Vivo has released the much-awaited latest version of the Vivo V21e Smartphone in Pakistan’s markets. The professional output in the form of smartphone in imagery form is accessible to all the users of Vivo in 2021. The most recent Vivo V21e V-series is commonly known as advance, forward fashion in the cell phone market, with a low and competitive price rate in Pakistan in 2021.

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Stunning Camera Feature at Night

Vivo V21e has stunning camera features at night. Vivo V21e is acting as a light at night for capturing. There is a combination of a 44MP autofocus camera with a portrait night mode of 64MP in Vivo V21e 2021. The users will find it as a stunning video graphic & photographic experience with Vivo V21e 2021. There are many innovative designs series in Vivo V21e to make your day full of colors. There is a reflection of technology in hardware, software, especially cutting edges software, ultra-stable video, autofocus, better night shots, and 4K quality features in the latest version of Vivo V21e 2021.


There is a powerful spec of eye autofocus 44MP having f/2 aperture which works for enhancing the spectrum of light in low quality of light. It has a noise reduction feature which makes it more attractive for the users. Al Night mode portrait feature enhances the effect of spec of eye autofocus to give a clear and memorable video graphic & photographic experience to the users. The algorithm and Al night feature make it possible for the users to capture a high level of detail-rich night videos and photos.


There are some factors that are involved in enhancing the exposure of light while video graphic & photographic experience by the users. The basic theme behind is the improvement in Vivo V21e are software, hardware, Al night autofocus, and high-quality frame for images make it perfect for use. There are some other advanced specs and features that are introduced in Vivo V21e for users to give a pleasant experience to the customers such as listed below

  • Dual-view video
  • Slo-Mo-Selfie video
  • Steady face selfie
  • 04K selfie video
  • And other extraordinary camera features in Vivo V21e
  • 64MP night camera which provides outstanding image quality
  • Macro-photography
  • Complex shots system
  • Wide-angle shots system
  • A combination of super night mode is available
  • Art portrait video system
  • Stylish night filters system
  • Ultra stable video adjustment
  • And many more

These above-mentioned features of Vivo V21e make it fit for use and compete with the latest versions in the market. The specifications make it possible for the users to make and share their precious moments of life with their friends and family too. There are many other features with electronic image stabilization quality. The front and back/selfie cameras are equipped with 4K quality video and photo shoots.


There is a significant improvement in the software and hardware of Vivo V21e 2021. These entire features give a good experience to the users to enjoy the latest version of Vivo V21e.

Dazzling Frames & Designs that Suits your Style

The fresh model of Vivo V21e is fitted with sleek esthetic, elegant, sophisticated elements of designs and frames integration of thoughts without effort. Vivo V21e has a comfortable and solid hold because of AG Glass. An electron beam and UV printing are fitted in Vivo V21e latest model. The sophisticated look of Vivo V21e is because of the evaporation of electron beam technology. It looks solid and dashing to use because of the following reasons such as given below

  • Vibrant E3 AMOLED display
  • Smoother visual effect with HDR 10
  • Less motion blurs quality
  • Ultra-slim 7.38mm
  • 171 g weight
  • Diamond flare color
  • Roman black

Vivo V21e with Powerful Performance

The new model of Vivo V21e seems to be a very powerful performance vice. There are some features that are modified by the company to make it high performing device in the market. Some of the important features are listed below

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 GB Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128 GB ROM
  • Extendable 3GB RAM
  • Combination for the best performance
  • Ultra gaming adjustment
  • 33W flash charging adjustment
  • Less time to power up the battery
  • Flexibility in photography
  • Good experience in gaming

In short Vivo, V21e gives you a tremendous experience and makes your moment memorable.


Price rate and Availability of Vivo V21e

The Price rate and availability of Vivo V21e are in the mode of pro-order all over Pakistan for the users. The price rate of Vivo V21e in Pakistan is expected to be 45,999/46,000 KPR. The Vivo V21e is expected to release in the market on 6th July 2021.

Special Offers for Users

There are some special offers by the Vivo authentic company for the users. Vivo V21e is approved by Pakistan telecommunication Authority and has a supportive response for all mobile companies of Pakistan. Here are some offers that are offered by the company to the customers such as listed here

  • 1-year warranty
  • 15 days free replacement
  • 6-month warranty for accessories

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