Admission Open B.ed 1.5 Year UAF

Admission Open B.ed 1.5 Years (3 Semesters) UAF 2023

Admissions are opened in B.ed 1.5 Year (3 Semester) UAF in February 2023 spring semester, and half years program for teaching and nonteaching candidates on with closing date 18-02-2023. All the educators who are worried about their B.ed can avail themselves of this chance to get admission to UAF (the University of Agriculture Faisalabad). They can appear in said program by fulfilling the requirements as per the demands of the degree.

UAF B.Ed New Admission 2021

There is no worry to write long assignments and calling for a tutor for receiving your assignments. The candidates also face problems in sending their assignments via LMS. There are many problems as the students mention related to the LMS Portal. They are totally unaware of the online scenario of study. Even they cannot afford the expenses of the internet. They are facing a problem while uploading assignments on the portal.

Most students do not have an idea to use LMS properly. Some students are addressing that they are not even known to check the status of the files on LMS. The University of Faisalabad UAF proving a physical platform for the students and teaching staff too. They can get the chance to enjoy the physical classes in university and personally address their problems related to their study.  This is a golden chance for the students of the university of UAF to get admission in B.ed 1.5 /three-semester. They are providing the chance to get two degrees at a time in UAF.

A new step of UAF Admission Open 2020-21 Spring Semester for students as well as teachers. Now they can enjoy the opportunities of doing B.ed 1.5 from UAF. The university is offering physical classes instead of online ones. As the students were facing problems in the online system of AIOU while doing B.ed 1.5 as a requirement to be a teacher.  There is a long list of problems in the B.ed 1.5 three years program from AIOU. Now UAF provides the chance to get admission and can complete the requirement of the jobs. All candidates are invited to get admission in B.ed 1.5 years without facing problems as in Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.


UAF step ahead to introduce the B.ed 1.5 years program for all the candidates of the university and outsiders. Both genders can get the benefit to get an Admission Open 1.5 Years B.ed UAF. It’s a short way to plan to be ready for the education departmental jobs. As it is the condition for the educators to fulfill a B.ed 1.5 degree with fort 3 years of appointment. If a candidate fails to complete his/her B.ed in 3 years, then there are fewer chances for the candidate to continue his/her job.

Morning/Evening/Weekend B.ed 1& ½ Year UAF  

UAF Admission in B.ed 3 Semester is providing chances for the students to take Morning/ Evening/ Weekend B.ed 1& ½ Year classes at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.  There are opportunities for males and females to get admission in morning, evening, or weekend classes as they have their time scheduled for their job or daily routines.  Now education is at your doorstep. No one can say he cannot get opportunities to be educated. 1.5 Years B.ed Admission UAF 2023 is a brilliant chance for boys and girls to use their time as efficiently as they can use.

Eligibility Criteria for 1 and ½ Year B.ed Program

  • BA
  • BSc Hon
  • MA
  • MSc Hon
  • Master’s Degree in any Discipline
  • 16 years of education is necessary for 1.5 Years B.ed program

How to apply for 1.5 Years B.ed

You can apply for 1.5 Years B.ed UAF Admission 2020-21 spring semester by following the method mentioned below

 Get admission form from Community College Office old Zoology department

1000 band voucher fee

Submit the admission form to the admission office

The last date will be 18/02/2023

Contact Us for More Information

Prof. Dr. Haq Nawaz Bhatti


Old Zoology Department Community College Near Dean Science UAF

Admissions open in B.ed (3 Semester) 1.5 Year program in UAF in the month of February 2023 spring semester. We are going through an era in which we are focusing on less time and more output. This is the best chance for all of us to get admission to the B.ed program while doing our MS program. This is the golden chance to save time as per the demands of the era. Best wishes ahead.

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