UAE Vaccine for COVID-19 with 99.5% Success Rate

UAE Latest Sotrovimab Vaccine for COVID-19 with 99.5% Success Rate

UAE is using a new anti-Viral Medicine Sotrovimab vaccine for COVID-19 with a 99.5% Success Rate in patients. This is the best vaccine against coronavirus. The UAE is using this novel covid vaccine for mild to moderate attacks of covid. The executive director of UAE Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi of external therapeutic service did great work against the novel virus to prevent the public from the infection.

UAE Vaccine for COVID-19 with 99.5% Success Rate
UAE Vaccine for COVID-19 with 99.5% Success Rate after experiments in 2023.

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Sotrovimab success rate for covid-19

A large number of people about 97.00 percent were affected by this latest virus. The prevention against this virus has been introduced by Dr. Noura Al Ghaith and saved the lives of people up to 96.00 percent of the UAE. This is one of the best contributions of Dr. Noura Al Ghaith regarding the attack of covid-19 in UAE in the running year.

Sotrovimab effectiveness for coronavirus

The name of the latest vaccine which is being used in the UAE is Sotrovimab for covid 19. The participation of Sotrovimab I makes the hospital free from the covid patients which is about 20 percent. The recovery rate from the attack of covid-19 by using the Sotrovimab vaccine is 99.00 percent.

Ranking of Sotrovimab Vaccine

This is one of the top highest achievements of any vaccine in the market or even in the world. The world is going to be free from the covid attack after the successful administration of the Sotrovimab vaccine in the running year. Now it is not difficult to save the patient from the attack of covid after the successful trial of the Sotrovimab vaccine in UAE.

Latest Vaccine Sotrovimab Administration  

There is a large number of people approximately 13,000.00 has been successfully vaccinated with Sotrovimab in UAE including the following ages and genders as given below

  • Pregnant women
  • Unmarried women
  • Children
  • Adults of age 12 year
  • Adults of age above 12 years
  • Old age people
  • And many more

The head of the health department Dr. Noura Al Ghaith /ED further briefed that the government of UAE is cooperating with the health department to prevent the attack of covid from the country. The successful trial of the novel vaccine became successful with the involvement of the government from the start of the attack of covid to till.

This is a great achievement of the UAE to control the major problem regarding the covid-19 attack. The world may be affected by the attack of coronavirus again. The government must take some important steps to avoid the severity of the coronavirus.

The rumors ate there that the 4th wave of covid-19 will be seen soon in the world. This is not the end of covid-19 from the world. There is a need to make ourselves secure from the attack of covid-19.  The attack of new strains can be minimized only by adopting healthy and safety measures regarding coronavirus.

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