Rescue 1122 EMT Past Paper

Rescue 1122 EMT Paper Petron

The most famous department is Punjab emergency services department is opening the EMT Jobs in Rescue 1122 department. Now the past papers and also the Guess Paper of the EMT for Motorbike and everyone who want to apply on the Emergency Medical technician he can get their post knowledge from this post. The whole type of training which is done in Rescue academy, what is the method of the rescue 1122 EMT psychometric paper solve.

Rescue 1122 Department is very lawful and industrious in their working stance. There are many worker are spending their duties in this department for the saving of the humanity life. They work as the family member in their stations at every where they are performing their duties. They know about the approximately whole know about the first aid of the every type of the patient. Emergency Medical Technician Paper Method, Rescue EMT Psychometric Paper the Psychometric Guess Paper of the Rescue 1122 EMT.

They are trained from the training academy in thoker niaz baig Lahore. There are many trained and hard work staff in this academy. The medical subject is much important subject in the whole lesson of the every trade of rescuers. The CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is teach in academy like how to perform, where to performs when it perform. This is one of the important procedure for the every life because it an life saving procedure. Download the EMT Past papers, EMT Past Paper in PDF type, free download the EMT Rescue 1122 department paper.

Rescue 1122 EMT Paper Procedure

The pulse less and no breath patient have required these treatment of the because the we have to give the artificial breath to the patient during this procedures. The next is FBO foreign body obstruction which means the any this is slip in the oral cavity to the any patient and how to putt out from the body of the patient by the save method.

We have to give the back blows of the patient at the back side of the patient according to the worth of the patient. After the we have to know down to the patient for the few minutes. We have to check out the air way of the patient that something is. If have so we have take him out from the tracia of the patient. The other side impeld object there are many trauma patient are injured from the accident.

The academy treat us how to save these type of the patient first of all we have triage of the every patient at the stage of the trauma. Then we segregate of the every patient at the every stage of their life we save the patient by our triage calcification. We bandage the patient take him out of the every life treating place for the safety.

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