PSL 7 Clash with IPL due to Pakistan Australia Series

PSL 7 Likely To Clash With IPL Due To Pakistan Australia Series

There is a big clash coming between PSL AND IPL for the AUSTRALIAN series. In the last year, due to COVID-19, the matches are being disturbed. Therefore there is no fixed date of matches in the last year and no one knows the exact date of matches.

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History of PSL

If we see in the previous match history, we can get that the PSL series are held in JANUARY and FEBRUARY every year. But due to the timing clash with famous cricketers in these months, the PSL now think to shift their matches to MARCH AND APRIL. But in these months the schedule also clashes with the IPL of INDIA.

Memorable Day in International Cricket

PSL is one of the biggest series in Pakistan which takes a lot of wealth into Pakistan. In 2016 when PSL started this was a memorable day at which the international cricket came back to Pakistan. Cricket also helps in changing the concept of foreign people about Pakistan which caused a lot of investment in Pakistan. Therefore the value of PSL is very high in Pakistan.

Pakistan Super League & IPL

PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE’s coach said that we will do our best to do matches at a specific time. If we change the schedule it will put a major impact on both leagues PAKISTAN SUPER league (PSL) AND INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL). As we know that no player from the Pakistan team plays in the Indian team but the time clash occurs.

International Rules for Leagues

Because in this team some top players are playing like IMRAN TAHIR, RASHID KHAN, FAF DU PLESSIS, and ANDRE RUSSEL. These all players are playing from both sides therefore they cannot attend both leagues at the same time. This will put a major impact on both leagues.

Committee Proposal for League

Committee also thinks to do a match in DECEMBER AND JANUARY, but in these months PSL management needs to play series in KARACHI. Because in other cities of Pakistan in these months are of the thick smog in LAHORE & ISLAMABAD.

The importance of this tour of Australia

The importance of this tour of AUSTRALIA can be imagined by this thing that after 1998 -1999, the AUSTRALIAN team never visited PAKISTAN this was our first time to host the AUSTRALIAN team. Every Pakistani is very happy to host this team but there are lots of time clashes that occur in the time schedule. Before that match, ENGLAND is going to visit Pakistan for T20 matches IN OCTOBER 14 AND 15.

How PCB Will Unfold This Problem

Cricket is the major game in both countries; both countries are very serious as well happy when it comes to a cricket match. It is going to be very interesting to see how both teams can solve this problem. In 2022, after COVID 19 will end PCB promise to their people that PSL matches will conduct in Pakistan in front of their fans. Therefore it has become very interesting to see how PCB will unfold this problem.

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