Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 in Pakistan

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021-22 

Central Director of National Saving Pakistan (CDNSP) announced the latest schedule for the prize bond. This schedule will be from January to December 2021-22 and onward. The Prize Bond Draw Schedule for running the year 2021-22 published by the Government of Pakistan. The directory of saving is going to inform you to check denominations of all draws that are given below. The premium prize bond list has been announced by the Central Director of National Saving Pakistan (CDNSP) for awareness. You can check the draw list of the following

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 in Pakistan 2021
Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 in Pakistan

National saving of Pakistan is going to announce the draw list of 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and others publically. The results of all the draws can be checked from the official website and The full and complete result list is released by the national saving of Pakistan of different cities that are given below. You are directed to visit and free download the full result of all draw lists from the website.

The new prize bond list can be seen and downloaded online by using this website free of cost. You all are invited to make your plans as per the results of draw lists of different bonds of all cities of Pakistan. The department of National Saving of Pakistan is helping the people in searching for final draw lists of all prize bonds. The best schedule for all prize bonds has been developed by the Pakistan National Saving department for the public.

Prize bond Draw Schedule 2021
Prize Bonds Draw No. Draw Date Draw Day Draw City Draw Complete List
Rs.15000/- 85.00 04-01-2021 Monday Muzaffarabad  List
Rs.750/- 85.00 15-01-2021 Friday Hyderabad  List
R.7500/- 85.00 01-02-2021 Monday Lahore  List
Rs.1500/- 85.00 15-02-2021 Monday Quetta  List
Rs.100/- 33.00 15-02-2021 Monday Karachi  List
Rs.40,000 Premium Bond 16.00 10-03-2021 Wednesday Rawalpindi  List
Rs.25000 Premium Bond 1.00 10-03-2021 Wednesday Multan  List
Rs.200/- 85.00 15-03-2021 Monday Faisalabad  List
Rs.15000/- 86.00 01-04-2021 Thursday Hyderabad  List
Rs.750/- 86.00 15-04-2021 Thursday Quetta  List
Rs.1500/- 86.00 17-05-2021 Monday Karachi  List
Rs.100/- 34.00 17-05-2021 Monday Multan  List
Rs.40,000 Premium Bond 17.00 10-06-2021 Thursday Muzaffarabad Upcoming  Draw
Rs.25000 Premium Bond 2.00 10-06-2021 Thursday Hyderabad Upcoming  Draw
Rs.200/- 86.00 15-06-2021 Tuesday Peshawar Upcoming  Draw
Rs.750/- 87.00 15-07-2021 Thursday Lahore Upcoming  Draw
Rs.1500/- 87.00 16-08-2021 Monday Multan Upcoming  Draw
Rs.100/- 35.00 16-08-2021 Monday Faisalabad Upcoming  Draw
Rs.40,000/- Premium Bond 18.00 10-09-2021 Friday Peshawar Upcoming  Draw
Rs.25000 Premium Bond 3.00 10-09-2021 Friday Lahore Upcoming  Draw
Rs.200/- 87.00 15-09-2021 Wednesday Muzaffarabad Upcoming  Draw
Rs.750/- 88.00 15-10-2021 Friday Rawalpindi Upcoming  Draw
Rs.100/- 36.00 15-11-2021 Monday Faisalabad Upcoming  Draw
Rs.1500/- 88.00 16-11-2021 Tuesday Quetta Upcoming  Draw
Rs.40,000/- Premium Bond 19.00 10-12-2021 Friday Lahore Upcoming  Draw
Rs.25000 Premium Bond 4.00 10-12-2021 Friday Quetta Upcoming  Draw
Rs.200/- 88.00 15-12-2021 Wednesday Hyderabad Upcoming  Draw

The National Saving of Pakistan (NSP) announced all the draws lists as per the pre-decided schedule which is already published for the awareness of the public. The people can check the lists of all prize bonds as per the pre-decided schedule by the national saving of Pakistan. The prize bond is the free investment in-country for getting output without any loss. That’s why people buy many prize bonds each year without any fear of losing their money.

 Here is a list of cities of draws of all bonds are announced such as given below for 100, 200, 750, 1500, 2500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and 40000

You can also check the list of first, second, and third prize winner persons from the official website of prize bonds and

This is the best strategy of the Government of Pakistan to attract the investor for no loss based business all over Pakistan. This facility is available in all the provinces of Pakistan such as

  • Punjab
  • KPK
  • Sindh
  • Baluchistan
  • AJK
  • Gilgit Baltistan

There is no restriction for the high and low prices. It is totally up to you to purchase a prize bond as per your income. It ranges from 100 to 40000 with a full-time profit margin. There are chances that you win a number and you will be awarded a big amount for having your first name on the list. The cities names as I mentioned above, there is a list of a complete year of all prize bonds.

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