Pak Vac Corona Virus Vaccine in Pakistan

Pak Vac Corona Virus Vaccine 2021

Pak Vac Corona Virus Vaccine formulation and packaging was started on 7th May 2021 in Pakistan. The final term for releasing was confirmed by Federal Parliamentary Health Secretary Dr. Nausheen Hamid in Pakistan.

The health authority of Pakistan has Develops a new vaccine for the covid-19/coronavirus. This is for use against covid-19 patients. This is a great achievement of Pakistan to reduce the risk of coronavirus.  This is a helping step of the Government of Pakistan to save all Pakistani from the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine. This is the first prepared vaccine designed by the Health Authority of Pakistan to save the country from coronavirus.

This vaccine is passed from all trial periods and is fully ready to be administered to old and adult healthy persons to make them immune against covid-19. The current Government of Pakistan/ Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in the founder is this great initiative to save the country from coronavirus. It has been synthesized with the collaboration of China’s Can Sino Biologist at the National Institute of Health.

The nation is paying congratulation to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Pakistan and the whole team who pay their time, struggle and work to make this vaccine to save the country.  The developers of Pak Vac are highly appreciable for developing vaccines. Dr. Faisal Sultan announced the newly developed vaccine that is made in Pakistan to make the citizens immune against covid-19.

There was special attention of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and support the NIH institute for developing Pak Vac vaccine in 2021. There is a wave of happiness after the synthesis of the Pak Vac vaccine in Pakistan.

Federal Parliamentary Health Secretary/FPHS, Dr. Nausheen Hamid in Pakistan further stated that there are about 160,000 vaccines available in Pakistan. The Govt of Pakistan had an agreement of about 3 million Casino Vaccines.

As per the said of Asad Umar CEO of NCOC, that 2.5 lakh plus people have been vaccinated in the last 24 hours. He advised the citizens of Pakistan to visit coronavirus centers to make themselves immune against coronavirus as soon as possible.

The Government is of Pakistan successful to formulate a homemade fully functional vaccine recently for saving people from coronavirus. As we know that there are many new strains of coronavirus in almost all countries of the world. So, there is a need to develop a vaccine-like Pak Vac that has a strong response back toward new and innovative strains of coronavirus. The NIH department introduced a highly effective vaccine for fighting against old and new strains of coronavirus.

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This is a good initiative which is made by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Pakistan to develop this novel Pak Vac in Pakistan. This initiative is good to eliminate the aid and support of other countries and create independence. The team who made the vaccine must be appreciated by the Govt of Pakistan.  due to the formulation of a highly effective vaccine against the coronavirus.

The process of administration of vaccine was started in February with the help of our friend and neighbor country China. The initiative will definitely cover of whole Pakistan to fight against covid-19. This is the best chance to make more and more innovations in the field of medicine and other fields. We are full of confidence and have the potential to pay our full attention to do anything in the world.

There are fewer chances to develop problems related to the coronavirus in Pakistan because of (Vaccine) Pak Vac’s introduction which is made by NIH Pakistan. It is very important to mention here that we must ensure precautionary measures to safe from the attack of covid-19. If we fail to ensure the proper healthy condition related to corona, there is no vaccine use. It is our national responsibility is to be with our Government of health team to stop the coronavirus from the country. Stay home, stay safe.

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