How to Study Abroad with Fully Funded Scholarship

How to Study Abroad at Low Cost 

Are you looking for a scholarship to study abroad? Or How to Study Abroad at low or no cost? Your wait is over. You can find many scholarships to make your dream true. There is a long list of scholarships for students to study abroad on These scholarships are

  • Funding schemes
  • General scholarship
  • Govt agencies scholarship
  • University scholarship
  • Organizational scholarship
  • Charity scholarship international scholarship
  • Schooling Scholarship
low cost study in abroad/ How to Study Abroad with Fully Funded Scholarship
How to Study Abroad with a Fully Funded Scholarship

There is a long list of scholarships for all candidates from arts and science groups. The candidate can enjoy a scholarship at Graduation, Post Graduation, M Phil, Ph.D., and Post Doc level. The candidates at BA, MA, MBBS, DPT, BDS, Pharmacy, MLT, DND, Engineering (Electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil, software, and all engineering disciplines), BSc, and MSc in all fields can get a scholarship. List Of Scholarship

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Ways to Study Abroad

There are many ways to go to study abroad. All candidates want to study abroad but they cannot do so because of expenses. All the students cannot afford the expenses to study abroad. Here we are going to share some ways to study at low or no cost.

Direct Enrollment

The thing you need to do is to select the counties from where you want to study. This is a critical step to select it. First of all, you have to make a list of universities in which you are interested to study. Make a list of fee expenses and overall expenses of all universities. By doing it you will be able to make a comparison of the fee structure. Now you can select the institute that suits you expense-wise.

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Try to enroll directly instead of consulting. It will save you money and time too. There are some universities that are offering 200-9000 dollars via direct enrollment. The candidates can do it by simply searching on Google or by visiting our website. You can find all the information about universities. It will make your admission easy. You can apply to any foreign university or school directly. After selecting your interested university you can make your plans accordingly.


This is the best way to study abroad. There are many volunteers in different countries who need assistance with their research work. There are some work programs in which volunteers are invited to join. There are many disciplines and programs in which the researchers can invite formers to assist.

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The best example in this regard is WWOOF. In this package, there are expenses of food and housing for the assistant. You may also enjoy the language learning fee. It will broaden your learning area and help you to study abroad. There are volunteers that may send you worldwide to complete your research project.

It will cost you nothing or low to study abroad. You have to find out the volunteer who are offering such opportunities. The candidates have to keep in touch with different universities. You may get brilliant opportunities.

Work-Study Package

The next way to get entry into foreign countries is to seek the universities which are offering you opportunities. The candidate is facing problems in foreign to do study only. They are not allowed by the country or university to work with study. You have to find out the countries which are offering work-study packages. On getting a chance to study in these countries you may continue your study.

You can use your free time in doing the job for some money. It will make you able to survive there without any disturbance. You can use your money in other study programs too. Here is a list of the counties which are offering such opportunities

  • Australia
  • New Zeeland
  • U E Counties
  • U.K

In these countries, you may apply for direct enrolment with a work permit. You may apply as a teacher to deliver online classes. By doing this you can earn and study abroad.

Au Pair Opportunities

This is another way to get a chance to study abroad. You are hired by a family as an Au pair. You have to go to study as an Au pair. It will make you feel like a guest by the hiring family. You may continue as an Au pair and a student there. It will cost you nothing instead you will earn. You feel mental relaxation while studying as you are doing both jobs side by side.

Low-Cost Study Program

There is a list of the programs in which you may get a chance to study abroad at a low cost. It is not necessary that you have to go abroad for studying in MBBS, BDS, DPT, or another scientific field. You can select programs other than the fields of science.


Different universities offer many programs with the low cost such as those given below

  • Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy (5500 Dollars)
  • Fu BIS, Berlin, Germany (2000 Dollars)
  • Equine School, Various Cities, China (881 Dollars)
  • Equine Summer Program, Edinburgh, Rome, Italy (4895 Dollars)
  • John Cabot University Summer Program, Rome, Italy (2830 Dollars)

 If you cannot avail of any of the above-mentioned opportunities, you can apply for virtual study abroad. You can get a chance to study while taking virtual classes. No doubt you will not be there physically but you can enjoy study programs while sitting at home. Actually, this is the best way to get many chances to study abroad. The only thing you have to do is to make a good reputation while taking online classes. In this way, you may introduce yourself to foreign universities and can get a chance to make good relations with foreign University professors.

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