How to Start Blogging as a Beginner

How to Start Blogging as a Beginner

Let’s come to know How to Start a Blog. Just come to know all step by step. There is a simple way to get all the technicalities of blogging here. To avoid boring I am going to discuss the concerning topic. It makes your life independent and you feel confident while working as a blogger. is a website that is fully supportive of all visitors.  There is a free guide “Bluehost service” which is being used by many people throughout the world.  Our discussion will be regarding WordPress. Let’s start our topic to make innovation and enhance creativity.

Step By Step Guide Line

  • Niche Selection
  • Select a Blogging Platform
  • Choose an Attractive Domain Name
  • Webhosting account
  • Blogging on WordPress
  • Developing Blog design and theme
  • Write blog concerning contents and Publish
  • SEO Optimization of your blog

It is important to know about 5 main points before going on blogging that is very necessary for the beginner. These points will make you able to get your blog in 20 minutes.

  • The name you choose for your domain must be related to your interest zone and people also interested to search for it too.
  • Selecting a proper platform for your blog is a very important step to start a blog. The best software in this regard is WordPress.
  • Hosting and Domain are two pillars of your blog. Make sure the best platform otherwise you will be responsible for your loss as it will ruin all your efforts.
  • Select a proper theme for your blog. Do not waste too much time on designing because you are not a professional blog developer.
  • Read useful contents of top blogger to improve your blogging

 Niche Selection

It is very important to pick the right niche name for your blog. You should have to focus on that field in which you have passion and interest and people are also fond of searching it. You can make a selection of niche while keeping in mind the following three points

  • Size of niche
  • Competitors
  • Monetization level

These points will help you to find and select the best niche for your blog.  

Select a Blogging Platform

WordPress is the best blogging platform for you. It is best in this regard as it has a high statistical value as you can see in the picture. It will cost nothing except few dollars per month and about ten dollars per annum of the domain. There are many other platforms that are fully free but limitations are there. You have to pay for all free platforms sooner or later. Bluehost Service provides you the best package for your blog with WordPress. It will cost you approx 100 dollars per year.

Choose an Attractive Domain Name

The name of your domain must be attractive for the visitors and have ideas for the readers. It should have the potential to attract the attention of people. The name of the domain will be your online identity. You have to pay for it annually up to 10-15 dollars/ Year. Here are some popular domain names like


“Dot nut”

“Dot blog”

The best one for the beginner is “Dotcom” to start blogging.

Webhosting Account

This is an important step in blogging as it is very necessary to get a reliable hosting service for your domain. Hosting provides you the site for your files and documents. It will keep your data available for the users 24 hours and 7 days.  Bluehost Service provides you the best hosting platform for your blog.

Blogging on WordPress

This section will help you to get an idea of how to sign up and how to install WordPress. Here is a pictorial explanation of it.

  • Just move on Bluehost website and click “Get Started Now”

  • After that, it moves toward the selection of hosting plans. Being a beginner you should select a basic plan. You may change it as per your working experience.

  • The selection of domain names is very important as it will be your blog name. Just take your time to select a memorable and attractive one. You may use the Bluehost service to select an interested one and can check either it is available or not as explained below.

  • Get registration on Bluehost manually or by using your Google account. Account information (Provide Personal Information)

  • Package price and selection are available as per your interest. You may choose the interested one.

  • Payment: after checking all terms and conditions you should have to press the “Submit” button.

  • Create an account on Bluehost
  • Create WordPress blog with Bluehost
  • Launch Blog

Developing Blog Design and Theme

You may select the interested one for your blog. All designing and theme adjustment is totally up to you. You can do as per your interest. You may add a logo according to the blog theme. In this section, you may customize your blog.

Blog Customization

From here you can customize your blog. You can see many icons to make your blog attractive for the reader to visit.

Add Plugin

  • Monster Insight
  • Yeast SEO
  • WP Super Cache
  • A kismet

There is a list of plugin that makes your blog optimized as a search engine.

Write Blog Concerning Contents and Publish

After performing all steps, you have to write a post or page on WordPress. After that, you will a blogger. You have to select the topics that are being searched by the people. Your writing content must be according to the visitor.

SEO Optimization of your blog

After writing a post you have to optimize your search engine. You may use your social accounts and followers to visit your blog on daily basis. The key point’s adjustability and plagiarism-free material will promote it more and more. It’s time to polish your creative skills. Just introduce your ideas to the people.  Keep write on daily basis to remains content with your visitors.

Pictorial Guide To Start Blogging 

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