How to get Registration for PIFRA Salary Slip Online

Step by step Guideline for PIFRA Salary Slip Online Registration Method 2021 & Onward

PIFRA is a pay slip program introduced by the government for the online registration of government employees. The full form of PUFRA (PIFRA Salary Slip Registration) is a project to improve financial reporting and auditing we can see after the govt. PM IMRAN KHAN came in power they are doing a lot of work in the digitalization of Pakistan. They are very fest in the adoption of technology because it is the need of time the whole world shift them on technology. Because it is the need of time to know modern technology. The whole world shifts them on technology to speed up the government process also. Under the goal of digital Pakistan, this govt. shifts a lot of their processes online.

Get Register for Pay Slip Online

PIFRA Registration Process description. PIFRA is also one of the important examples in the digital world. To give the facility to their employees, govt. has made it easy to fill the payslip. Now employees can fill the PIFRA payslip online from their homes. The process of registration of payslips is very simple. You just need to be an employee of

  1. Any govt. department
  2. Fill your personal number in your slip
  3. Add your province
  4. Information of national Identity card number
  5. Name which is written on the ID card
  7. Your job scale under which you are working in the govt. department

By just following these steps, any govt. employ can get their paycheck direct from their bank. Now they do not need to wait in queue for the salaries.

PIFRA Salary Slip Online Download

You can download it all by only sign in through EMAIL in the PIFRA application. Employees get every new information about the salary through their GMAIL they can see track about the salaries anywhere they want this application will have all information about the salaries of the employees of every department like teachers, doctors, high ranked officers, clerks of school and colleges. Now they all can get their salaries through online applications. Either they are male or female.

The aim of the PIFRA Website is to correct the flaws in the management of salaries distribution. This will also help in the transparency of calculation and make a clear record of salaries. It will provide the general financial information in a correct way and updated from time to time. It will give strength to the audit system of the country due to which no one can do wrong things and not able to give damage to the cash system.

Then it has become much easy for employees of government that everyone can do it by themselves there are some procedures by which it becomes the piece of cake for everyone. Digitalization is the only way out of this rat race. How to check my payslip online? To register the employees they only need to give their national identity card or passport. They just need to be an employee in any department of government. Fill your personal number in your slip. Add your province in which you lived.

Give details as per your Information of national Identity card number.  Give name which is written on the ID card. GMAIL AND EMAIL ID which you currently used. Mention your job scale under which you are working in the govt. department.

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