How to Earn Online by Using Google

How to Earn Online Step By Step Guideline

If you are looking for a job to do while sitting home, you are in right place to get an idea. I am going to share all the Basic Information Step by Step. It will help you all to work at home without boss and external pressure.

Earning by Home Sitting

In the early, it was thought that we cannot earn while sitting home. There are many trusts worthy online systems that are providing online platforms for jobs. It is all because of technologies and advancements in networking. People can contact any person in the world while sitting at home. A person can get a job without traveling from place to place. There are many platforms that are giving opportunities to you at your doorstep. We can earn as per our efforts.

earn online

This type of platform is best suited to you to manage all the activities while sitting home. There are many chances to manage all the daily activities. It will help you to earn a handsome package. You can be a confidant regarding your jobs. There is much money earning site. You can earn by the online system.

Necessities for Beginners

  • Skill
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop or computer to do work
  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Consistency
  • Free workspace

Best Ways to Earn Online  

There are many sites on Google that are offering a lot of work platforms to start a business without a big investment. You just have to think k about the ideas. There are many sites and platforms that are providing you with online earning.


It’s a type of business in which a person ear while dealing with a company or client. It is becoming very famous to develop a profile on Fiverr and work as a freelancer to share your ideas worldwide.

A person who is sitting in one corner of the world can buy or sell a product from the other side of the world via Fiverr. Thousands of people are working online to earn and becoming more and more interesting in fields on freelancing platforms. There are different disciplines under which you can work for the community and earn handsome money from them. Fiverr and Upwork are the best one website that is being used by the people worldwide. You can join these websites by simply creating your profile on them.  Firstly you have to select your field of interest to work on them. For an instant, you may be a web designer, contact writer, graphic designer, programmer, photographer, and many more.

You must have to provide a good quality of work to the company or client. If you be successful in providing a quality of the stuff, many people will approach you to buy your product. There is a need to be dedicated, honest and wisely communicate to the company or client. Steps to create a profile on Fiverr.


In the beginning, it was believed that blogging is used for the person’s information only. Now a day it becomes the source of income for many people. You can use blogging for your business, selling, sharing your ideas to the client and customers, and many more purposes.

You can develop your own blog for a specific purpose. It cost you nothing. I think it is the best way to earn online for a beginner. Here is a complete guideline for a beginner to develop his/her own blog for giving services to the client worldwide.  The thing to know to start a blog is available here. How to start Blogging?

Affiliate Marketing

It is a type of earning in which you have to invest nothing but promote customer traffic for a particular company. Simply you have to share the links of the products of the companies and when the client clicks on the links for buying a product, the company will pay you a percentage on it. You have to create nothing for it. For it, you have to be in contact with companies to sell their products. You may use blogging, FaceBook, Instagram, youtube, e-commerce, or any other platform to promote customer traffic. Amazon is the best platform for affiliate marketing for a beginner to earn.

There are some tips to get the attention of the client.

  • A good quality photo of the product
  • Attractive slogans
  • Engaging contents
  • Eye attracting description or headlines

Youtube Channel

A person can create your tube channel to ear online. It is the best platform for video marketing. You can simply make your channel on youtube to share your videos on your channel. If anyone stops you to make your “youtube” channel just ignore him and start to make your channel. It will help you to era online without any investment. Things to remember before starting a channel are

  • Clear your purpose
  • Audience awareness
  • Content-type
  • Strong youtube Optimization tactics
  • Content promotion

How to create a youtube channel

Online Tutoring

It is the best way to offer Online Tutoring to a single person or a group sitting in a different geographical area. You can attract people of the world to learn from you while sitting in their homes. For it, you have to join a site that is offering this opportunity. They’re a little cost for it. You have to be registered by paying a little amount first.

There are some sites that are offering you this service free of cost. You did not have to pay anything to join or get registration. The best example of it is Udemy.


There is a new trend everywhere to develop or build your own brand. You just have to establish your own brand to work on it. Here are some brand development strategies for a beginner such as given below

  • Clothing designer
  • Travel planner
  • Mystery shopper
  • Life coach
  • Fundraiser
  • Landscape designer
  • Caterer
  • Social media consultant
  • e-book author
  • Jewelry maker
  • Web designer
  • Event manager
  • Personal trainer

Click to get an idea about brands

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