How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr in 7 Steps 

There are the following steps for How to create a gig on Fiverr? A new person on Fiverr can follow the steps to create a gig on Fiverr. Before going into detail you must turn in your account as a seller instead of the buyer. After turning it on you can follow the steps to make a gig on Fiverr to sell your product on Fiverr.

Step 1

In this step, we will learn how to create a new gig on Fiverr to start work as a seller. Before doing anything regarding gig creation you have to change your account from buyer to seller as I have explained in our previous article. If you have already changed your account then you have to move on Create New Gig Button to make a gig on Fiverr.

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner 2021
How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner 2021-22

Step 2

In this step, you have to fill in all the basic information as per the demand of this portion. Here you will find Gig Overview with the following information

Write Gig Title

There is a limit of 80 characters for writing your Gig Title that must be simple, relevant, and precise to understand by the client. Selections of words must be outstanding to get the attraction of the clients.

Category and Sub-Category Selection

You will find some suggestions by Fiverr according to your title selection for Category and Sub-Category Selection. It will help you to find the best and right one for your Gig. It is a very important step to adjust a proper Category and Sub-category selection for your Gig as per your work nature.

Enter Tags

There are some special tags that are being searched by the buyer on Fiverr for getting any service. So, you have to search for some tags before writing your relevant tags. You are allowed to write 5 tags for your Gig. After the completion of the above-mentioned information, you have to press the button “Save and continue” for further processing.

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner 1
How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner 11

Step 3

In this step, you have to adjust your price and packages setting for the buyer for selling your product. This is the second section of your gig creation process. A seller can adjust 3 sets of prices and packages on a gig for selling products. You will find a list of three sets by default such as given below

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

The basic information that is required in these sets is here for your help.

How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner 2
How to Create a Gig on Fiverr for Beginner 22

Set a Name for Each Package

You can adjust a Name for Each Package as per your gig and nature of work. There is no restriction for you to adjust all three packages. You can adjust a single package but it is good to develop three packages for the buyer to make a selection as per his need. The selection for the package naming must be so good to get the attention and attraction of the clients.

Make a Description of Packages

There is a need to be creative and precise for writing a description of three packages. You have 100 characters limits for description.

Delivery Time

It is very important to know, you have to set a proper time schedule for delivery time. It must be according to the package and product-based. It is as easy as you can feel easy to send the product to the client within time to make a good impression. The time selection must be realistic to have a good repute on Fiverr.


Be careful in this regard. The revision selection must be limited. It is seen that at the beginning the seller gives unlimited revisions to the buyer. Later on, they become frustrated ion getting modifications from the buyer side. So be careful while selecting the revisions option.


The packages prices may set from 5 to 995 dollars on a gig. It is good to adjust the low prices at the beginning to get the attention of the clients. We can change the price as per need. So firstly make your good repute on Fiverr, later on, you may increase the price of your product.

My Gig Extra

It is an additional task in the form of My Gig Extra. You can provide any extra service to the customer as per your packages and extra work for the buyer. You can you the option Add Gig Extra at the bottom of the “My Gig Extra” option.

Step 4

It will cover Gig Description and FAQ. It is very important to mention all about your gig and work description here. Before writing it just keep in mind that what type of demands and questions series of the buyer as per your service. Try to write all the information that a buyer can ask for. Just make clear all questions of the buyer to attract the attention of the buyer. Your information must be completed and professional for the clients. It must be eye-catching to make orders by the buyer.

The next section is to provide answers to all FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). For that, you will find a button “Add FAQ” to press it and describe all that is necessary to tackle the clients.

Next, you will get a button “Click and Continue” for further processing.

Step 5

Gig Requirements are covered in this section. This is a section that is useful for both the seller and buyer. You as the seller can add detail regarding your service that is important to know for the buyer. Here is a list of choice for you

Free Text

This is a service for a buyer to write a free text to get a service from you.

Multiple Answers

This is a section to inquire about anything from the buyer. You can give choice to the buyer to meet the demands as per his/her need.

Attached Files

If it is necessary to get a file from the buyer for orders, you can get it. It will help both the buyer and seller to exchange ideas for the correct completion of service and order. It depends upon you to get this facility or not. You can uncheck the tick from “Answer is Mandatory”. After the completion of this portion, you may jump to the next by pressing “Save and Continue”.

Step 6

Image Gallery for the Gig is very important. Now you can add PDF, Pictures, and Videos as per the demand of your gig and nature of service. You have to design the best stuff for your gig as it is very important to attract the attention of the clients. The picture, video, or PDF must be relevant to your service and make it eye-catching.

The next is to press “Save and Continue”.

Step 7

The easiest step the all the process of gig creation is to Publish Your Gig on Fiverr to get orders. After the completion of all the above-mentioned steps, you have to press the “Publish Gig” button to publish it. Edit option is always there for you to make changes as you want.

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