Higher Education Commission HEC Degree Verification

Higher Education Department (HEC) Degree Verification (Complete Description)

The higher education system introduced a new system for the verification of degrees through which candidates will apply for the verification from their homes. The Higher Education Commission Pakistan/ HEC Degree Verification detail is available here. This system got stronger after the pandemic of COVID 19. Due to the coronavirus, every government office closed and everything stopped. To continue the degree verification system HEC released a new app for degree verification through the application. It is also a way of going towards technology.

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Procedure for HEC Degree Attestation

The HEC made it very simple to register itself in this app and apply for verification. These steps were kept very simple so a layman can easily understand the procedure. To do the verification of degree these are the few simple steps,

  • First of all, the candidate needs to visit the website of HEC eservices.hec.gov.pk. And fill their profile correctly.
  • After successfully applying to the website, the applicant needs to file an application for verification and give an examination.
  • After giving the successful examination, applicants get further information through SMS OR E-MAIL.
  • The applicant has to go to the office and give all documents. Where these documents are attested.
  • HEC introduced two ways of getting applications one is Walk-in mode and the other is Authorized courier service mode
  • The attestation fee for every document is RS. 1000 and the fee of each photocopy for the record is RS. 700. But photocopy is only attested by HEC if they attest the original documents first.

How to Apply for HEC Degree Verification:

No one needs to take tense about how to apply for the degree verification. After opening their website, users need to fill out their profile because they visit the website for the first time after making their profile.

  1. Now you have to click the REGISTER button first.
  2. Give you’re CNIC NO.
  3. First, make a user ID and select the password of your profile.
  4. Create your own account on the website and put all the required information.
  5. After that, you will get the OTP on your mobile number which you have to fill in the document.
  6. Enter that code in the required place on your website.
  7. Then enter your correct E-MAIL. So you can get OTP on the E-MAIL for the verification. And then enter that code in the required place.
  8. Now you will be registered successfully. You can enjoy the scholarship that is provided by governments.

How much Time is Required for HEC Attestation

In the first phase, people need a lot of time to stand in queue and then get their number. But now it minimizes the time span at its minimal. Now almost 10 days are required by HEC before they send all the verified documents to the applicant. But if you want documents with the seal it can take a lot of time therefore you need to tell the HEC about your requirements to avoid any conflict in the future.

Documents Required for Degree Attestation

Following are the few documents that are required by HEC,

  1. Filled application form
  2. paid Challan form
  3. clear copy of the original CNIC card
  4. recent photographs of the applicant
  5. a marriage certificate can be used instead of CNIC if there is any problem with a national identity card
  6. Additional documents can be required in any scenario.

Available Degrees under HEC Verification

Here is a complete list of degree programs that can be verified from HEC online without any tension. The list of degrees is given below

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Official Website

Click for Degree Verification

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