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Green Talent Competition Germany Scholarship 2021

Fully funded package “Green Talent Competition Germany 2021” in announced by the Government of Germany for national as well as international students. It is another appreciable step of the Government of Germany in the form of the Green Talent Competition for future counseling of students all over the world.  The funding authority declared that the competition winner will enjoy all the facilities which are decided by the government of Germany.

The Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany announced this competition every year to support all the candidates from all over the world. The main motto of this competition is to step forward to sustainable development. The Ministry of education and research conducted this piece of action with the involvement of highly talented national and international students. These students with their higher potential of research do their best to perform at a high level.

There is a long list of scientific fields in the Green Talent Competition powered by the Govt of Germany for non-residential and presidential candidates. As per the previous years, German Green Talent Competition is going to be helpful worldwide. The Govt of Germany saying a warm welcome to all the participants from all over the work in Green Talent Competition 2021-2022.

This is a big platform for the students who have great ideas in the fields of science and have the potential to lead the world in a better way. They are invited by The Ministry of education and research of Germany to Green Talent Competition 2021. This platform gave a lot of future scientists to the world. All the decisions are made on a merit basis.


New ideas and innovations are welcome here. You can show your full potential in this competition. This is a platform for the young and experienced scientists who are working for the betterment of society, nation, and country. They are rewarded as per the efforts they made for bringing a revolution in the field of science and technology.

The new ideas are practiced here to make the world developed and the tireless struggle of the scientists brings fruit to them via this platform. That is why “Green Talent Competition 2021-2022” has great importance among the scientist of the world as well as in the candidates worldwide. There is a list of sustainable development Goals which are very important to practice for the betterment of the nations of the world. This is needed to make them true as per the demands of the era. The German Scientist works very hard to cooperate with the young scientists and students in this regard.

The basic theme of the Green Talent Competition Scholarship is to work on sustainable developmental Goals to lead the nations in a better way. It is directed to all the participants/applicants to show their fields of interest in which they want to show their potential. There is a long list of SDG goals that are urgently necessary to fulfill with the help of this Scholarship of Green Talent Competition of Germany.

You all are informed to recall your research work and make your plans to lead the Green Talent Competition introduced by the Government of Germany 2021 as an innovation worldwide.

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Description of GTC Germany 2021

  • Host Organization: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Host Country: Germany is the host country for DTC Scholarship
  • Fields: There is a long list of available fields (Multiple)
  • Degree: Both Master and Ph.D. level candidates can apply for it worldwide
  • Financial Status: It is a fully-funded scholarship for financial assistance
  • Duration: Duration of about 6-12 weeks depends upon the field of study
  • Application mode: The mode of application is online. All the students can apply online for the Green Talent Competition scholarship 2021
  • Closing date: May 19th, 2021

Introduction of GTC Fully Funded By Germany

The basic aim and theme of the competition “Green Talent Competition Germany” is to Sustainable Development Goal (GTCG) 2021 achievement. The applicants from all over the world are directed to mention their field of interest to which they want to show their potential regarding SDG in Germany 2021.

This competition allows all the candidates to apply individually for GTC and feel free and relax to participate in this platform. There are many chances for the candidates to win with a high level of devotion. Their work will make them able to earn fame worldwide due to Green Talent Competition 2021-2022.

There are two part of this scholarship based GTC competition powered by Govt of Germany that are given below for your assistance

  • Virtual invitation at science platform for the duration of two week
  • Institution selection to conduct research

Eligibility for Scholarship

The basic criteria for getting a scholarship in Green Talent Competition 2021-2022 fully funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Govt of Germany is given below

  • There are equal chances for both national and international candidates to apply
  • Master and Ph.D. level of candidates can apply
  • The candidates have to conduct research work at the recommended institute in Germany
  • Candidates with a brilliant academic career will be preferred
  • No language-based test
  • English must be good to participate in GTC
  • German Residential citizens can not apply for the competition

What GTC Scholarship Cover?

German Green Talent Competition will cover all expenses of a winner; basically, this competition is divided into two parts. The explanation of these two parts is given below

  1. Virtual invitation at science platform for the duration of two week
  • It will cover research facilities
  • Beneficial workshops
  • Network opportunities
  • Science sessions
  • International meetings
  • Excellent research structure
  • Virtual award ceremony
  1. Institution selection to conduct research
  • It includes a selection of research institution
  • Fully funded stay in Germany
  • BMBF/Federal Ministry of Education and Research will provide many chances of research in Germany to shortlisted and selected students.


Documents file that is required for GTC fully funded by Germany is given below

  • Passport
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal information
  • Publications
  • Motivation letter
  • Scientific qualification
  • Certificates “OR” Patents that support you in GTC

Last Date

The closing date or deadline for this competition-based Green Talent Competition funded by the Government of Germany will be 19/05/2021. The applicants are directed to submit their applications before the deadline (as soon as possible).

Selection Criteria of GTC Scholarship 2021

There will be a list of about 25 short-listed candidates from the Green Talent Competition 2021 by the Authorized Jury Members. The selection will be made as per the best performance in the scientific field and innovation. The final decision which will be made by the jury has been disclosed in August each year. The finalized candidates are shortlisted and the list has been uploaded on the website.

Come to Know, How to Apply For This Scholarship

There is a very simple way to apply online. The applicants have to visit the link below to apply online while sitting in their homes. You are directed to move on to the following website to appear in Green Talent Competition Scholarship Fully Funded by Germany 2021.

Apply Online

Visit Website

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