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Employment Processing Resource (EPR) 2022:

Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration. Now a New Organization EPR is here for the people of Pakistan. Now with the help of Employment Processing Resource (EPR) getting a job will be within the reach of every Pakistani. It is a very profitable organization for every Pakistani. The services of EPR Institution will be available only to registered candidates.  Therefore, if candidates want to benefit from this institution, they should register with this institution as soon as possible. Because the organization will let you know about the job that is coming. There are the following instructions about the registration process which are given below:

Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration. Candidates will already pay the one-year fee of Rs. 530 to EPR. And the validity of this registration is only one year. Interested candidates can register with the EPR online and by post. Either way, registration will be accepted. First, you will need a registration form. You will need to attach a copy of all the documents along with the record registration form. This method is for those candidates who want to register by post. Now let us tell you about online registration. Candidates who register online should first click on the step of submitting the application for a government job then they should provide all the documents to EPR as a record.

EPR Registration method
EPR Online Registration method complete guideline

Information of Services for the Candidates:

Now we tell you how the candidates will benefit from this registration and how they will be informed about every job coming to Pakistan. For this reason, all the information will be provided to the registered candidates due to the registration fee submitted to the EPR. The registered candidates will be informed about the jobs across the country for one year. And all this information will be provided to them via phone call, SMS alert, What’s App, email, and Website portal. However, an auto-call facility will be provided only to those candidates whose job application submission rate is higher. The candidates will be informed about the government posts according to the data provided to EPR. Registration Information: Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration.

When candidates would like to submit an application for a post they inform EPR about it through some easy means that their application is submitted for the relevant post. Following this, the institution (EPR) will prepare the candidate’s application and submit it along with his/her documents. The institution will prepare the application of the candidates and as per the requirement will attach the photo of the candidates along with the educational certificates, copy of identity card and domicile and submit this. The institute will also submit the test fee of the candidate if any. Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration.

Application Processing Services in EPR:

The institution will also submit all the important copies to the concerned government institution and upload them on its dashboard as a record for the candidate. The institution will collect Rs. 100 per application from the candidate in advance for all these works. The institution will inform the candidate about the post as well as the charges for the application. The candidate application will be processed both by post and online. After sending the application to the concerned institution, the institution (EPR) will also guide the candidate in preparation for the test. The candidate can better prepare himself for the relevant post. The candidate through whom the application for the post has been sent the institution will keep the candidate informed about this. That the candidate for the post for which he has applied is aware of it. Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration.

Editing Data and Documents: Assist in Preparing for the test/ interview: Follow up Services for the candidates: The candidates can change the data and documents provided by/her at their own discretion and also with the help of the institution. While the documents submitted by the candidate to the institution, in addition to the information, a government institution has to submit any additional documents or information on a particular front the candidate has to be provided within the stipulated time on the direction of the institution. Invalid Documents of the Candidates: In case of forgery or invalid documents the entire responsibility will be on the candidate and the organization (EPR) will not help him in this matter. Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration.

Payment of Service Charges by Candidates:

The candidate should pay all the service charges only through the bank affiliated with the institution or mobile money service. Never make any payment to any individual or unrelated organization. Confirmation of charges to be submitted to the candidate will be received by the institution. If the candidate does not receive any confirmation, he should be established the confirmation with the EPR representative on the helpline. Fees submitted to the institution will be non-refundable.

Affidavit in Registration Form: The candidate must agree to the affidavit given in the registration form. The candidate should unconditionally authorize the institution to provide services so that the institution can apply for any government job on the flow of the candidate. Possible Information Problems: When informing the candidate about all the government jobs announced possibly due to network or some other issue if out of all available sources if no one is notified, the representative of the organization will be informed through the helpline. The Journey of Technology and Ease by EPR: The company will continue to apply technology in a phased manner with innovation in order to provide better services to the candidate. Employment Processing Resource (EPR) Online Registration.

Modification of Terms and Conditions: The institution reserves the right to amend all its terms and conditions at any time without any information which must be agreed upon by all registered candidates. 24-hours helpline: The helpline of the organization will be open 24 hours without any leave to provide the best continuous service to the candidates. The representative of the organization is always working hard and diligently to provide the information you need to solve the problems you face and to provide the best possible services.

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