Drive Through Covid-19 Vaccination Center Lahore

Drive Through Covid-19 Vaccination Center

The first drive-through Covid-19 Vaccination Center in Lahore has been established. This is a good step for district Lahore to open this first drive-thru covid vaccination center for citizens. The selected site for this vaccine station is Nishtar Park Sports Complex in Lahore to facilitate the process of vaccination.

This is inaugurated by the CEO of Bank of Punjab Mr. Zafar Masud in Lahore. This initiative was supported by the deputy commission Lahore to start this vaccination. This proves the best practice in Lahore to vaccine the people in their vehicle to save their time and make them immune. It will take about 5-15 minutes to get vaccinated in Drive through Covid-19 Vaccination Center Lahore.

There is a great achievement of the Government of Pakistan to establish such a great initiative to remove and minimize the outbreak of coronavirus from the country. The basic aim to establish such centers is to facilitate the people regarding coronavirus vaccine. It is our national obligation to be vaccinated as early as we can. We all have to work as a whole to overcome this situation.

If we do not work as a whole, then we will be failed to protect our generations. Even we cannot save our lives by being vaccinated. We have to type of gathering in our country. The first wing is the educational community and the second is the non-educational community. As per the Holy said to Quran (those who are educated and those who are uneducated can never be alike). Being Muslims, it is our religious obligation to save our life and others.

As per the religious teaching, if we save the life of a single person, we actually save humanity. So we should save the nation. As there is a great spread of coronavirus everywhere, we should be vaccinated and spread this message to others, who do not know the reality.

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What is Corona Virus?

The viruses attack humans and make them unable to breathe. As it first destroys the lungs. The affected person cannot breathe normally. The body’s systems of the affected persons become unable to perform normally after the attack of coronavirus. The severity of corona increased day by day and it targeted the other systems of humans. It will ultimately lead to the death of the patients.

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What is Vaccine?

We can define a vaccine as “A mixture of dead or weakened bacteria/pathogen that makes a person immune against a particular type of disease”. This mixture works for the protection of our body against the attack of foreign pathogens.

How Vaccine protects us?

The basic action of vaccination is the run the protective mechanism of the human body. It makes the body able to fight against the dead pathogen, as the body takes these dead or weakened pathogens as real ones and started to produce antibodies against them. These antibodies started to kill pathogens and save us from the side effects of diseases.

This is not the end of this journey. These antibodies stay in the body for future protection. If the real and mature pathogens get entry into the body, these already present antibodies started to kill them and save our life.

Best Quality of Vaccines in Pakistan?

There are many vaccines that are available in the market and people getting immune after the administration of the vaccine. There are some vaccines that are fully functional and have fewer side effects are Sinovac, and Sinopharm.  The Govt of Pakistan is working for awareness and trying to make the people safe against coronavirus. There is another good step taken up by the Government of Pakistan is to established many teaching institutes to make the people aware and immune against covid-19.

There will be 27 teaching hospitals that will be worked in this regard to make the people aware of the severity of covid and mold them to get the vaccine. We all should be with our Government in this regard to make our country covid free. We have to be united to make our country covid-19 free and normalcy establishment.

Is it safe to be vaccinated?

The vaccine functioned to make antibodies in our body. These antibodies stay in the body for future protection. If the real and mature pathogens get entry into the body, these already present antibodies started to kill them and save our life.

Our Moral Duties

There are some responsibilities of us being the part of the nation such as given below

  • Get vaccinated first
  • Aware the people about corona
  • Tell them what is vaccine and way of vaccine in our body
  • Tell them the importance of vaccine
  • Brief the use of the vaccine
  • Tell them the importance of life
  • Tell them how to save the life
  • Tell them the teaching of Islam regarding saving a life.
  • Tell them how to be vaccinated
  • Steps to follow while being vaccinated
  • Spread it as soon as possible

How to get vaccinated?

There are many centers in almost all districts. The person can visit any vaccination center to be vaccinated. There are centers in DHQ, THQ, and many other places for public easiness. There is also the availability to get mobile service to be vaccinated. There is a great initiative by the Bank of Punjab with the support of Deputy Commissioners Lahore to establish a Drive through Covid-19 Vaccination Center for citizens. Get the vaccine as soon as possible.

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