Digital Marketing and Its Types for Beginner

Digital Marketing and its Type

The term digital marketing is common to all. We all are unaware of digital marketing exactly. This is a huge platform to earn while sitting at your home. I am going to discuss it in detail. If you are a beginner in this regard, do not worry about it. This post will cover all aspects you need to know. Digital Marketing & Its Types

Digital Marketing and Its Types for Beginner 2021
Digital Marketing and Its Types for Beginner 2021-22

What is Digital Marketing in General?

The process of the use of digital devices in the marketing of your services, products, and brands. You can do it while sitting at your home. There is a slight difference between online marketing or digital marketing. It can be done offline and online. There are many online and offline digital marketing channels that are used by people worldwide.

Online Digital Marketing Channels

  • Website
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Search engines

Offline Digital Marketing Channels

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Phone

It totally depends upon your abilities to use the best suited to you.

What is Internet Marketing?

This is the use of internet live streaming. In this type of marketing, you have to use the internet while doing your work. To make you guys understand I am going to give an example for it. If you are working as an advertiser of FB or other social media you have to use live internet. While doing it you are doing online or internet marketing. The major difference between online and offline marketing is the use of channels as I have mentioned above.

What are Different Types of Online Marketing?

There are five major types of internet or online marketing.


Search Engine Marketing

This is the most basic type of online marketing to get entry into online businesses. You can get an idea about it to explore yourself and can start from it as a beginner. It is going to advance with the passage of time.

SEM is actually an online process in which we get attention for visibility and traffic exposure for our products, services, and products. We can use different ways for this purpose such as unpaid and paid technologies. So, search engine marketing can be divided into two categories as I have mentioned above. There are two types of SEM

  • SEO Unpaid SEM
  • Pay per click PPC Paid SEM


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Unpaid SEM

This is a process to get traffic and enhance the ranking of your website. High levels of tactics are achieved in this process at SERP Plate form. There are many ways to get the above-mentioned tactics by visiting this website regularly. I will update you all about SEO unpaid.

Pay per click PPC Paid SEM

It is the type of online business in which the involvement of the publisher is ensured. You have to pay the publisher for getting traffic to your website. There are many ways to get the above-mentioned tactics by visiting this website regularly. I will update you all about SEO unpaid.

Marketing /Social Media Marketing

Now a day we all are well aware of the importance of social media. We all become the prisoner of social media. The world becomes a global village with the expansion in social media apps. Now it is going to become an important part of social media marketing. It is the best way to cover a large region in no time by using social media advancement.

We can explore our business brands by the use of social media. There are many advancements or apps that are used by people while using social media. The tacks you will use will yield a product for you in the form of the client “OR” getting the attention of visitor (audience).

Online earning by using social media marketing

You have to make the right selection for your business and share the contact of your product in a manageable way to get the attention of the audience and enhance your traffic. One of the innovation in the field of social media marketing of “Social Media Ads” that is the best way to attract the audience on your website. Here is a list of social media ads such as given below

  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Photo Ads

Email Marketing

It is the oldest form of DM that gave satisfactory and fruitful results to you. It bears the highest ROI ranking among all the forms of DM. This is the first and favorite interest of marketers to use Email Marketing. It covers the following fields as given below

  • Event invitations
  • Marketing offers
  • Announcement
  • Newsletters

email marketing

There are many goals that can be achieved by using Email marketing. It is included getting website visits, enhance downloads, getting leads, and generating sales. It is a way to do a live chat with your customers.

Affiliated Marketing

It a process or system to get income by selling the product to the services of a company. You can make strategies to earn well from this platform. This is the best way to earn online while sitting at home. There is an involvement of different parties in the affiliated marketing such as given below

  • Consumer
  • Affiliate or advertiser
  • Product creator or merchant

online affiliated marketing

How to Get the Pavement  

  • PPL (Pay per click per Lead)
  • PPS (Pay per Sale)
  • PPC Pay Per Click)

Influencer Marketing

It is a process in which publish our product by inviting a celebrity. It will attract more visitors to your website.

How to Be a Good Influence Marketer  

  • Niche Selection
  • SM (Social Media) channel selection
  • Content sharing
  • Grow the network
  • Engage followers
  • Progress evaluation
  • Consistency

Guys! Hope you get all about social media marketing. You will find full detail of all the topics soon in this blog.

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