Artificial Sun in China

China Launches Artificial Sun:

China is making an artificial sun. The main purpose of this sun is to replicate the nuclear fusion process. The nuclear fusion process is the same reaction that powers the sun. China has set a new world record by superheating a loop of plasma. They launched the artificial sun after superheating the plasma to temperatures 5 times hotter than the natural sun for more than seventeen minutes.

Artificial Sun in China
Latest news of Artificial Sun in China 2023

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State Media Report:

State media reported that “China’s artificial sun after superheating the loop of plasma to temperatures   5 times hotter than the sun. It is hotter than the sun for more than 17 minutes”

It is reported by Anthony Cuthbertson that China has made an artificial sun. China’s “artificial sun” has set a new world record. China’s “artificial sun” a nuclear fusion reaction for more than seventeen minutes has been sustained.

China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST):

China’s experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak was designed for this project. EAST was designed to be used clean energy on the Earth. The “artificial sun” is referred to in the form of a doughnut-shaped EAST reactor. Different scientists performed difficult tasks in this experiment. They managed many reactions in nuclear fusion to make and use the cleanest energy on the surface for different processes.

Latest Experiment for the Artificial Sun:

In the experiment the plasma was superheated. When the plasma was superheated plasma reached 126 billion degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is 5 times hotter than the sun. This temperature radiates 10000 degrees Fahrenheit scorching on the surface and 27000 on its core. It is the safer nuclear power and this process requires not no fossil fuels and does not leave any waste material. It is the cleanest process for energy. Due to this process, the environment is not destroyed.

  China’s Purpose of Artificial Sun:

The main purpose of this project is to replicate nuclear fusion. It is the same reaction process that powers the sun. Nuclear reactions occur in the sun which makes the sun hotter. Scientists use these processes to make the artificial sun. EAST is the major domestic tokamak that is operated across the country. It is the major and important project of the Tokamak. HL-2A reactor and J-TEXT are currently operating in China.

The Name of China’s Sun:

China’s made the sun by experimenting with nuclear fusion which is the cleanest energy source. This task is performed in the latest experiment. The Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) which is also called “Artificial Sun” is named in its latest experiment. This experiment is completed on Thursday which is the largest project of scientists finally, they made the sun and named it (EAST) and also called it the “Artificial Sun”.

Countries that are part of this Project:

East project of China becomes the largest project in the world because several countries of the world are a part of this project. The following countries are connected to this project which are:

  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • United state

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