Annual Pay Increase December Scale Wise

Annual Pay Increase December Scale Wise

 Here you can find the information on the Annual increment and Pay Increase December 2023 Scale Wise. There is an increment for all Government employees in their pay that will be started from the first of December 2023. There is no increment for employees who are appointed on or after 02 June. There are some conditions for the promoted /upgraded employees as they cannot enjoy the benefits of increment.

In case of complaint or punishment, the employees will not enjoy the annual increment and annual pay increase in December 2023. On getting leaves for more than 6 months, the employees will not get the annual increase in pay and annual increment in December 2023.

All employees Increase in Salaries in December 2023

There is a list of increases in pay in different Adhoc relief funds such as listed below

  • ARA-Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2019)
  • Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2017)
  • Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2018)
  • Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2020)
  • Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2023)

The complete list of increments can be seen from the list given at the end of this article. There is a complete package of increases in salaries from BPS 01 to 22. You can also check and make a comparison of annual pay increases and increments in all the provinces of Pakistan.

ARA-Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2019)

There is an increase in ARA-Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2019) in the Sindh Government of about 15.00%. The other provinces have a 10.00% increase in annual pay scale in salaries in December 2023.

Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2017)

There is a connection between the basic pay scale and Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2017). If the basic pay increases then this allowance will also increase. If we talk about the increase in this allowance in Sindh Govt, then it will be clear that there is an increase in pay of employees of about 15.00 percent. The rate of increase in pay in other provinces will be 10.00 percent.

Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2018)

The annual enhancement in Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2018) is about 10 percent. The same percentage will be enjoyed by all the Provinces of Pakistan. ARA-Allowance rate/@ will be 10%.

Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2020)

All Governments of Pakistan did not give relief to the employees of all provinces in 2020 but the Government of Sindh gives Adhoc relief /Allowance of 2020 @ 10 percent. So it is the first time for the employees that they did not have any relief in the shape of an increase in salaries in 2020.

Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2023)

Here is the list of increases in Adhoc relief funds/Allowance (2023) in all provinces

  • Punjab 10%
  • Sindh 20%
  • KPK 10%
  • AJK 10%
  • Baluchistan 10%
Salary increase projection/notification and complete detail
Salary increase projection/notification and complete detail 2023 latest

Increase in a reduction in annual pay in 2023

There is a decrease in BF and GI with an increase in basic pay. This will be the result of an Increase in a reduction in annual pay in 2023.

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