Android 12 Features and Everything You Want to Know

Android 12 Features and Everything You Want to Know

Hi guys! Here I have great news for you all mobile users and the adventure community. Yes, it is about Android 12 Features and Everything You Want to Know is available here. The new and latest features of Android beta 12 had been uploaded by the controlling authority of android on 18th May 2021. You all are invited to read out all the innovative features of android beta12 from here. Before going to the shop you are welcome to read and make a comparison of all the features of android beta 12.

Come to get an idea about Android 12 Features and Everything You Want to Know. This is another hit and success of android beta 12 for all users worldwide. This is the best daily driver cell phone in the market. The software and everything related to it is fully innovative and modified form for the betterment of device as well as users. Now the users can enjoy many new and latest features of Android 12.

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Features of Android Beta 12

Color Extraction & Visual Overhaul

There is a great improvement in Color Extraction & Visual Overhaul of android beta 12 new models. The visual pattern is so attractive for the user and it is in an improved form. The innovation is in the form of “Material You” to make the users more comfortable and delightful while using the android new version in running the year 2021. The android OS is so modified to make and everything very clear to see well for users.

Android 12 Quick Tiles 

You will found round and attractive icons in the new android beta 12. That was in previous versions. Now on pulling down you will see rectangular icons with almost the same functions that give more attraction to users and others. If you want to customize the icon’s setting, you have to long-press the icon to make some necessary modifications as per your need.

Privacy and Security

There is another good step which is introduced by the android authority to improve this section of android beta 12 that the user can see the information about all the applications. When and what types of information has been taken by the applications of your android cell phone within 24 hours. It will help you to get an idea about the access of applications and we can manage it either to use the app or not and many more.

Improvement in Notification

There is an improvement in this part of the android beta 12 cell phone. You can make your plan to check it as per the demands of the android authority. There are few amendments in this section for the users. You can check the notifications as per the previous schedule with little modification pattern in a new model of an android cell phone in 2021.

Wi-Fi Sharing (Easy)

There are some amendments in this zone of android to make it more secure for the users. Now you can open the network sharing option and then press it to make it accessible for the nearby available cell phones. There is an android code that will be shown at the top of the scanned image that can be a tackle as per your will. It will secure your net connection and safe use of the internet.

Android One-Handed Mode

This is a little modified section of android cell phones regarding one-handed mode. This is for a better and improves security zone. It is an attractive feature for the user. It will manage all you need to do.

Haptic-Coupled Audio Effect

The more impressive layer pattern in the new android version has been introduced by the android authority. It makes you amuse the music. It works on the principle of the Haptic coupled audio effect. You will surely enjoy the music of all types of songs and anything else you want to enjoy.

Updates of Android 12 on Google Play

Here are some important features on android’s fresh version that are updated on Google play. There is a shortlist of these updates is given below for your assistance.

New Widgets of Android 12

There are many options to make you able to cover many features in innovative beta 12 android. There are new widgets in the latest version for the users to attract them. You will definitely enjoy the new widgets scheme of the android emerging version.  Widgets self-organization facility is also available for the user.

Hibernation of Application

All the unnecessary and less potent applications that are not important to use can be adjusted by the hibernation icon in the latest and new version of the Android beta 12 cell phone. It will make more space in your cell phone to add other applications in android as per your need and wish.

More Confirmed Android 12 Features

Here are some innovative and improved features of android beta 12, in 2021 that are listed below to make you aware of them. You all have a look at these features

  • Universal splash screen
  • AVIF Image support
  • Screenshot markups
  • Hide the selfie camera on Pixel 5
  • Slightly redesigned setting page
  • Compatible media transcoding
  • Multi-channel audio
  • Easy audio source selection
  • Rich content insertion
  • Foreground service
  • Restricted net link MAC
  • Immersive mode tweak
  • System variability performance improvement
  • Toggleable change for debugging
  • Optimization to large display device

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